Makeup List for Beginners

To many boys and girls out there, makeup is a scary subject that is easier to avoid like the plague than to try to decode and figure out. You’re not alone! I’m here to give you a beginners list of products to pick up to get you started ALL from the drugstore because, like, I can feel the Sephora employees judging me too.

Foundation – this is the skin colored liquid you put all over your face. Seems simple enough, right? Well, there few things to note before giving you some products. For starters, STOP USING YOUR FOUNDATION TO MAKE YOU LOOK TAN! Seriously. Everyone knows, the cat is out of the bag, game over.

When picking a foundation shade, always try to match the color of your neck. If you’re torn between two shades, pick the lighter one. We will add more color in later anyway, and it’s better than looking like a walking orange when the rest of your skin doesn’t match.

If you want to cover literally every discoloration or blemish, we call that full coverage. If you just want to add some color to your face but still see your skin underneath, that will be a more light to medium coverage foundation.


My HOLY GRAIL full coverage foundation recommendation is and will always be L’Oreal Infallible Matte foundation. This foundation retails for about $10.


For a lighter coverage foundation, I would recommend a BB or CC cream. This is basically a face moisturizer that has color in it. It will even out your skin tone while feeling like you’re just wearing a moisturizer.

**10/10 would recommend for any newbies who are afraid of looking cakey or want a more natural look. I recommend the Maybelline Dream BB Fresh which retails at about $6.



For anyone looking for something in between that adds color and covers most blemishes, I would recommend Sonia Kashuk’s Soft Focus Satin Matte foundation. This foundation costs about $12 and is my absolute favorite to wear when I’m just going to work or class.


Next, we’re gonna need something to apply that foundation with. If you just use your fingers and aren’t ready to upgrade yet, then just skip this step! Ultimately, using tools to apply makeup will make it look better in the long run, but start with where you’re comfortable and go from there.

In my opinion, a sponge is the only way to go when applying any liquid makeup. Brushes leave streak marks and make it hard to blend in. Sponges are really almost fool proof and leave your makeup looking even and blended. My favorite sponge of ALL TIME is sold at the drugstore: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: $6.



Next stop is concealer. You’re gonna apply this stuff pretty much anywhere you want more coverage.

I apply mine under my eyes to cover up dark circles, on and around my nose to cover up redness, and a little bit in the center of my forehead and chin just for added coverage. One of the best just happens to be drugstore brand too! The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer is a life savor and only costs about $8.





Now you’re gonna need some powder to put all over your face to keep all that liquid in place throughout the day. Also, if you tend to get oily throughout the day this will help a TON!

I would use a smaller brush to apply some powder all over your eyelid as well as all underneath your eyes to keep that concealer from creasing up. Next, just use a big fluffy brush to put it everywhere else!

*Note that using too much powder can leave your makeup looking cakey, so use just enough to take the shine away and you’ll be set. The best drugstore powder is definitely the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder ($4).

I use the shade transparent because it doesn’t add any additional color to my face and instead is used just to keep me from getting oily throughout the day.



Now it’s time to add some color to your face with some bronzer! Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer is a go to for sooo many beauty gurus for two reasons: it’s cheap & it works!

This retails for about $14, but don’t let that scare you because this stuff lasts forever (and I mean literally forever). I put bronzer on my cheeks and on the perimeter of my forehead.

For the sake of this post, I’m going to skip descriptions on blush and highlighter because I don’t consider them to be necessary for true beginners but here are my recommendations for both: Elf Baked Highlighter in the shade Blushed Gems & Milani Baked Blush.


Finally, lets finish your face off with some eyeliner & mascara. How you apply your eyeliner & where is totally up to you as different styles look better on different shaped eyes.

I recommend gel liner because it goes on super smooth and it’s easier to get a straight line instead of it looking jagged and crooked. My fav is the NYX Professional Epic Black Mousse Eyeliner ($10).


For mascara, the only choice for me is L’Oreal’s Voluminous Lash Paradise ($9). The only advice I have for applying mascara is to keep some q tips nearby to wipe off those black dots that end up all over your eyelid & underneath your eye.



There you have it, folks! Everything you need to start off your makeup journey. Thanks for reading this far, and don’t be a stranger. If you liked this post, be sure to check out some others!


Until next time, stay sweet & sour!