Tips To Beating Your Dry Skin This Winter

Aren’t we all SO SICK of dealing with dry skin?

This season is always incredibly rough on your poor skin’s hydration levels, and if you’re anything like me- you’re over it. I even have normal to oily skin yet I still can’t escape the wrath of winter on my skin.

Here I have listed some tips & must haves that have saved me and my skin during these cold months.

TIP #1: There is such thing as washing your skin and face too much!

During winter, I tend to only wash my face before bed and splash my face with warm water in the mornings. Washing your face too often can strip your skin of it’s natural oils and leave you feeling extra dry. Same goes for washing your body! I wouldn’t recommend washing your body more than once a day and using just warm water if you need to rinse off more than that.


TIP #2: Moisturize, moisturize, MOISTURIZE!

If you don’t regularly use a face moisturizer and/or body lotion and you suffer from dry skin in the winter, then it’s time to add that into your routine. Two great face moisturizers I recommend (even for sensitive skin) are the Clean and Clear Dual Action moisturizer ($5) & Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 moisturizer ($20). *Both are available at your local drugstore.


TIP #3: Invest in an exfoliator!

An exfoliator will help gently brush away any dead skin skills and leave your skin feeling extra soft. Two great exfoliators I swear by are the Befine Exfoliating Cleanser ($24 here) & Farmacy Gentle Exfoliating Grains ($30 here).


TIP #4: Use a trustworthy moisturizer for your lips

Don’t always trust those trendy lip balms! A lot of them leave your lips feeling more dry in the end. My absolute LIFE SAVOR this winter has been mini vaseline tubs ($2) for my lips in the original bottle (not flavored at all). I have tried every chapstick in the book and this is the ONLY one I recommend! *Can be found at your local drugstore.



TIP #5: Keep your hands from being dry & safe from lotions that make them worse!!

I have found some lotions make my hands sting really bad and leave them feeling even worse. I have found two different lotions that work great for my hands depending on how dry they are and what I’m doing that day. During the day and while I’m at work, I use Eucerine Skin Calming lotion ($5). At night time when I can put something with a tougher consistency on, I use Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment ($4).


The winter is a killer on your skin, but with these tips and products your skin will thank you!!

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