How I Got Clear Skin In 10 DAYS!

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I have always struggled with stubborn breakouts, and because of that I have tried every remedy in the book. From proactive, murad, a crazy long skin care routine, face masks, you name it!

But I finally found what worked for me, and it cleared my skin up COMPLETELY in only 10 days. That’s right folks, 10 DAYS!!

I’m not saying this will work for you, but if you’re like me- you’ll try anything to cure your breakouts. Try it before you knock it.

The first thing I did was up my water intake. And when I say up my water intake, I mean I started chugging water as often as I could. Instead of taking one sip every time I felt thirsty, I chugged. I’m naturally really bad at drinking water (and by that I mean I just never do it) so I really had to go for it, and let me tell you, it makes a HUGE difference.

Just from upping my water intake alone, I noticed the overall tone of my skin was much more even. My used-to-be burning red t-zone is no more!

During this time, I also got rid of all of my current skin care products. I was using products that were safe for sensitive skin, fragrance free, you name it. None of it made a difference. I got so fed up and just had to throw it all out and start from scratch.

From that point forward, the only product I used to clean my face was my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (the waterproof one). I put some of that on a cotton pad once in the morning and once at night and just use that all over my face. That’s it!

Now, if I had makeup on that day, I use a makeup wipe first to get all my makeup off, and then I use the cotton pads until they show up pretty much clear meaning I got all my makeup off.

In addition to that, I used the Befine exfoliator every other day. fileasset-38

This exfoliator is a BIG reason I believe I achieved clear skin so fast. You don’t have to use this specific one, but I would definitely recommend incorporating an exfoliator to make sure you are gently getting rid of old skin cells leaving you with fresher, cleaner skin after every use.

These are the ONLY two products I used on my face for 6 months straight. Don’t come for me for not using a moisturizer okay?? I was afraid that using anything else would sacrifice the clear skin I had waited so long for!!

Once winter rolled around, I knew I needed to add in a moisturizer or my face felt like it was going to crack off after every shower. I chose to go with this Olay moisturizer:


I am only in the second month of using this daily, but so far so good! Still no crazy breakouts that I can’t control. I also noticed this moisturizer left my skin looking so pretty. It has minimized some fine lines around my eyes, the color of my skin looks really bright, and I noticed my acne scars starting to fade.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still get the occasional pimple here and there, but it is NOTHING compared to what I was dealing with before.

For me, my skin needed to go back to simplicity, and I do not see myself going back to a traditional face wash anytime soon. If it has worked for 8 months straight, why would I change anything?

One thing I will say is that the waterproof Micellar Cleanser Water left my skin feeling really hydrated afterwards which is why I didn’t use a moisturizer, but if your skin is feeling dry after your skin care routine then I would incorporate one right away. Another moisturizer I would recommend would be this one:


It’s way cheaper and doesn’t leave my skin looking as healthy and luminous as the other moisturizer, but it also doesn’t cause me to break out which is the first goal at hand.

Leave me a comment if you plan to try this, I would love to hear your journey or feature your comments on this post!! Good luck to you, and I hope what worked for me works for you!